How to Choose Between HydraFacial and Microneedling For Skin Treatment?

Updated: Apr 8

Are you dealing with any skin issues? If yes, then you need to immediately find relief, otherwise, the condition of your skin can become worse. But, presently, you will find the availability of many effective skin treatments and therapies. So, it can be very difficult for you to know which one to select among the available options.

Which treatment approach will help you get rid of your age spots most effectively? Is the treatment, you are choosing, worth its cost? Are you selecting the right option for your skin? You may have all of these queries in your mind.

If you are struggling to make all these decisions, then don’t worry, in this guide, we will try to clear all of your doubts. Here, we will compare Microneedling and White Rock Hydrafacial, which are the two most recognized non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment procedures.

Hydrafacial Vs Microneedling: Similarities In Between These Two Treatment Approaches

Before you know about the differences existing between Surrey spa and Microneedling, let’s do a detailed discussion about the similarities between these two. Both of these treatment approaches are well-known for infusing effective skin rejuvenating ingredients specifically under the skin. So, both of these work to:

  • Boost the overall health of your skin

  • Encourage the flow of blood to the face

  • Increase the cellular turnover

Again, both of these treatments aid in effectively combating a wide variety of skin imperfections when carried out in a series. So, you can get a lot of benefits by trying out these treatment approaches which includes the following:

  • Provide a healthy and radiant glow to the skin

  • Aids in skin brightening

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles as well as fine lines

  • Diminish the size of the pore

  • Even out the texture and tone of the skin

  • Fade hyperpigmentation which includes dark marks as well as age spots

Differences Existing In Between Microneedling And Hydrafacial

To understand the distinctions between Hydrafacial and Microneedling, first of all, you should have a good idea about these two procedures and how does both of these works. By uncovering these particular details, you would be able to make an effective choice between these two options that are perfectly suitable for your condition.

What Is Microneedling And How Does It Work?

Microneedling is a very simple as well as quick procedure that takes only 30 to 60 minutes. Your aesthetician will pass a dermapen device known as Rejuvapen specifically over the skin during a session.

This tool, in particular, has very thin needles that result in causing micro injury to the skin at a predefined frequency, spacing as well as depths. The skin is rejuvenated with the healing of the injury. Many of the spa clinics are involved in tailoring treatment for delivering skin-restoring ingredients particularly under the skin which includes:

Microneedling With HA Or Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid or HA is a naturally occurring molecule in the skin that deeply hydrates, moisturizes, and restores the skin.

Microneedling With Meso Vitamins

Vitamins C, B, as well as E are known to be rich in antioxidants which aid in the protection of the cells from oxidative stress in the environment along with free radicals.

Microneedling Using Platelet-Rich Plasma Or PRP

PRP or platelet-rich plasma is found in your blood and has healing effects on the skin, increasing cellular turnover as well as promoting the production of collagen.

Now, the specific type of treatment to choose is completely dependent on the condition you are suffering from. You need to decide as per the type of your skin as well as the skin issue, you are dealing with.

What Is Hydrafacial And How Does It Work?

Hydrafacial (also known as Hydradermabrasion) is a quick and easy procedure that takes about 30 to 60 minutes. So, it comes with little to no downtime. Due to its better ability to gently resurface the skin via. a multi-step procedure, it is also regarded as "super facial."


With entirely non-abrasive and liquid exfoliation, you would be able to reveal a new layer of skin.


Using pain-free suction, you can easily remove dirt and debris from pores while also infusing the skin with a combination of personalized serums that tends to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.


To restore the skin as well as maintain its radiance, saturate the surface of the skin with personalized solutions. Every session includes a fully tailored serum concoction that is administered under the skin. For instance, serums can include acids, antioxidants, as well as peptides.

What To Choose In Between Microneedling And Hydrafacial?

While comparing the advantages as well as disadvantages of Hydrafacial vs. Microneedling, it's important to remember that Microneedling is a deeper than Hydrafacial treatment. So, the side effects, aftercare, and skincare results will vary for each. Let’s understand this well by having a look at the below section.

Pros And Cons Of Hydrafacial

  • This treatment can be easily tolerated, with only a few side effects as well as no downtime.

  • It is suitable for most skin types, including sensitive and also rosacea-prone skin.

  • Also, it is considered a great pre-event treatment for instantly radiant, glowing as well as makeup-ready skin.

  • It contributes to providing extreme hydration and so, it is known to be a suitable option for dry and dull skin.

  • Microneedling is recommended, in case you are dealing with more superficial skin issues.

Pros And Cons Of Microneedling

  • Adjustable needle-depth is used in this case which implies that needles can effectively reach deeper layers of the skin.

  • This treatment results in more injury to the skin which ultimately helps in the production of collagen.

  • It helps to repair the skin under the surface.

  • This treatment approach is ideal for skin thickening and firming, as well as reversing the aging of the skin and sagging. But, you have to use this in a series to gain the best benefits.

  • It is a go-to treatment for reversing skin texture changes, especially when used in a series. These include general scars, acne scars, or burns.

  • While Microneedling has minimal downtime as well as requires less aftercare, the Hydrafacial is regarded as the gentler of the two treatment procedures.

  • Microneedling can cause your skin to become red as well as sensitive to touch for several days, which is not the case with Hydrafacial.

Final Verdict

Now, after reading this guide, I hope, you have got a very good idea about these two treatment procedures Microneedling and Hydrafacial. All in all, it can say that you need to decide between these two based on what you wish to achieve. If you want to choose a gentle treatment, then White Rock Hydrafacial is a great option.

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